1  The theological framework which precipitates such a Figure, has a compatible likeness and severity of stature to that of Jesus Christ, in the sight of Almighty God, in this wise.
   The entirety of our Lord’s life are hid in these five stages. (More fully expressed in the Tuition Course.)
   1) The Incarnation. God addresses mankind’s salvation by becoming flesh.
   2) The Ministry of our Lord substantiates who he is and why he came.
   3) The Crucifixion is his final act of obedience to fully demonstrate the above.
   4) The Atonement is what he set out to achieve.
   5) The Resurrection finalises everything as successfully achieved.

   NB Our Lord’s Ascension and his seat at the right hand of God the Father is essentially part of his eternal nature, separate from his earthly disclosure in the flesh as the Christ.

2  To sum up the entirety of our Lord’s life can be expressed from the wonderful words of the Prayer of Consecration from the Book of Common Prayer.

Almighty God, our heavenly Father, who of thy tender mercy didst give thine only Son Jesus Christ to suffer death upon the Cross for our redemption; who made there (by his one oblation of himself once offered) a full, perfect, and sufficient sacrifice, oblation, and satisfaction, for the sins of the whole world;…………

In a manner of speaking, all the many tangents in our Lord’s life were successfully achieved at the first attempt at it were to prevail in mankind’s redemption.

3  The theological framework which conceals the above Figure, which has a compatible likeness to the above example of Christ’s life, is hid in this understanding.

The Almighty undertook a course of action in human history, to reinstate the two chief lost criteria of the Eden of Genesis, by creating the entire fabric of Western Civilisation. He gave back to humanity comprehension of how to subdue the environment, thus creating the State.
To restore his chosen place of abode on earth, he created the Church, via the redeemed in Christ

Thus in a manner of speaking, all the many tangents of Western Civilisation were successfully achieved first time, to prevail in mankind’s redemption as it were against the elements.

So to sum up the entirety of Western Civilisation, we can again adopt the above Prayer of Consecration, in this manner;

Almighty God, our heavenly Father, who of thy tender mercy created the entire fabric of Western Civilisation, by this single course of action once offered, a full, perfect, and sufficient satisfactory initiative to restore comprehension to all mankind to subdue the environment and make it a place of pleasant habitation, and for Thee to restore thy chosen abode in our midst, by the creation of thy Church through Jesus Christ our Saviour.

4  A brief appraisal of the Eden of Genesis. There are three chief criteria before the Fall.

  1) The Almighty created the entire beauty of Eden by himself.
  2) He then created Adam and gave him either inherent comprehension or tutored understanding of the environment of Eden, to  become its custodian.
  3) Though not quite so obvious, Eden is specifically created as God’s chosen place of abode on earth, disclosed in the wonderful words of Genesis Chapter 3 verse 8;
  And they heard the voice of the Lord God walking in the garden in the cool of the day…

  There are two chief criteria after the Fall.
    1) Humanity looses its comprehension in how to subdue the environment.
    2) The Almighty looses his chosen place of abode.

  A very brief comment on what happens next.

  All of humanity since the Fall, fails to come up with a real system of intelligence which is truly capable of demonstrating that it   is able to really comprehend the environment and also subdue it. Off course many civilisations varied in greatness and beauty of a kind, but all were allied or heavily subordinate to a religious perspective.

  In the meantime as it were The Almighty chooses to gradually disclose himself to the nation of Israel, until he fully discloses himself in the person of Jesus Christ. Until the coming of Christ, humanity cannot fully realise God’s grace, and indeed Christ must return as it were to his former glory, otherwise he would have to live constantly in the present in the flesh, and this would be to the human consciousness an unacceptable way to maintain a relationship with the Almighty. The coming of the Holy Spirit to enable a coherent relationship with the Almighty and to realise his grace, based upon faith, is a very sober and comprehensible way in which human beings can relate to God. The vehicle which enables this to happen, is the creation of the Church.

5  Within the creation of Western Civilisation, there are two main tangents.
        1. The restoration of intelligence and comprehension of the environment enables humanity to create the State.
        2. The creation of the Church enables the Almighty to regain his chosen abode.

    Within these two there are further layers of complexity.
        1. Of the continent of Europe
        2. Of the United Kingdom.

 Of the continent of Europe, the Almighty acts as it were in a spontaneous manner, which is then reflected in the entire character of Europeans, who are as it were flamboyant and direct. In the arts it is distilled in a profound manner by reflecting the exactness of how human aspirations are mirrored in the arts. Think of a painting by Rembrandt or music by Bach or Beethoven, they all have the capacity to reflect a true perspective of how human beings feel and think In other words they comprehend the environment about them.

 Of the United Kingdom, in particular England, the Almighty places a restraint on every conceivable human aspiration, thus distilling and creating the great British sense of reserve. In the arts, again the sense of reserve is clear, such as the music of Elgar and the paintings of Gainsborough, which are so ‘English.’

In religion and the creation of the Church, God acts in a similar way, by and large the continent of Europe remained Roman Catholic, but not all off course. But England, Great Britain was distinctly Protestant (apart from Ireland) in the creation of the Church of England, the Free Churches and the Salvationists, reflected the many levels of class structure in society, and the overall outreach of the Church.

In England The Almighty refined both Church and State to add as it were the finishing touches to his great handiwork of creating an entire civilisation, a course of action to reinstate all the lost criteria of the Eden of Genesis.

6 To sum up this course of action we may apply this visual analogy.
   Imagine the Almighty with a watering can in each hand;

        a. With the 1st he restores comprehension to humanity in this wise.
            The watering can represents the mind of humanity.
            The water inside the can represents the comprehension reinstated.
            The water coming out as a spray, the collective aspirations fully achieved
            In terms of time and place, the Renaissance paved the way for the Age of the Enlightenment which heralded the beginning of modern Western Civilisation.                 

        b. With the 2nd watering can the Almighty restores his presence in this wise.
            The watering can represents the Book of Common Prayer
            The water inside the can represents the King James Authorised Version
            The water coming out as a spray the Hymn Book.

            This second watering can, is what truly binds and also creates the shape of the Church, from Anglicanism right through to the creation of the Methodist church, the Free churches and the Salvationists, and the many Missionary Societies and Christian Charities. The second watering can accompanies the creation and expansion of all these great institutions, which in turn flanks the creation of modern Western Civilisation.

            In terms of time and place, the Reformation paved the way for the Protestant Faith and the development of all the Denominations.

            NB Again in religion as in the secular world of the State, the Almighty acts with a spontaneous action on the continent of Europe, where religion does not carry the marked contrasts as it did in England, when the Almighty again refined his actions.

8 This is the true perspective of Western Civilisation and all other cultures.

    1 Theologically

    It is a successfully completed course of single action by Almighty God to reinstate the chief criteria of the Eden of Genesis, as described above.

    It carries a compatible stature to the likeness of Jesus Christ. Different in purpose but equal in God’s sight in terms of importance, as described above.

    2 Historically

    It is the wisdom of God which gave stature to all the European nations and their colonial acquisitions, especially to Great Britain, under the responsibility of England which led to the British Empire.

    Here as it were to acquire an analogy from Holy Scripture( which is very, very close to the truth ) the Almighty spake to a group of peoples, in the likeness of when he spake unto his servant Moses, as if to a friend and made known his ways. ‘His ways’ meaning the action which he undertook to create Western Civilisation.

    When the Almighty spake unto Moses, the glory of God was reflected in the face of Moses, ( this reflects the glory of Western Civilisation)When Moses descended and spoke to the people of Israel, with his face filled with the glory of God, this is precisely like the Europeans including the British, transfiguring across the Atlantic into the New World, creating the United States of America.

    3 Universally

    Every culture and civilisation since the Fall, has had to strive in the strength of its own understanding, as it were. The greatest and most consistent creative force which drove and inspired nearly all civilisations and cultures was severely allied to appease a religious perspective, which could only focus upon an imagined god, through the frailty and unstable presence of superstition.

    St.Paul, ref Acts 17 v22, noted of perhaps the greatest of all ancient civilisations the Greek civilisation, ‘’..Ye men of Athens I perceive that in all things ye are too superstitious.’ The entire fabric of Greek civilisation was geared around the desire to appease imaginary gods. But they had the wisdom and integrity to erect a monument in acknowledgement to THE UNKNOWN GOD.

    4 The likeness of Eden
    In Eden the relationship between the Almighty and Adam, could be said to be about 90% related to the environment and beauty of Eden. About 10% relating to how much God valued and delighted in its surroundings. This is not to say that the Almighty only appreciated 10% of the beauty of Eden. What this means is that only about 10% was revealed regarding how God felt about the Eden he created. Ref Genesis 3v8. ..and they heard the voice of the Lord God walking ………

    In the creation of Western Civilisation, God as it were applied 10% of his powers upon the creation of the Church, and thus the Christian faith, and about 90% on the creation of the State. This can be seen more clearly in the finesse of his actions, in all the arts. Painting and music for example, their relative output, was about 90% on secular subjects and about 10% centred particularly on the figure of Christ.

    5 Time and space

    This action which the Almighty undertook, is across time and confined to a particular place, western Europe 1600-1950 approx. It exists only to the Almighty as a completed course of action in that sense, whilst as it were mankind only experienced parts of it at various periods of time. Also humanity whist not the way it went. ( Such was the force and greatness of this action, just like when the Almighty spake unto Moses on the mount, and Moses whist not his countenance! ).

9 The three figures of the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Bishop of Rome and the Monarch of England.

   In the figure of the Lord Jesus Christ, the fullness of the Godhead dwelt bodily, to disclose the true perspective of who God is, and to attain the redemption of all mankind. The identity of a person will also disclose the task he come to perform. Likewise if a person claims the ability to a certain task, he is also declaring the identity which goes with the task.

   In the three figures the fullness of the representative heads of the creation of Western Civilisation, dwelt bodily as it were. That is in these three figures the Almighty distilled the various tasks and thereby the representative heads of Western Civilisation, in this wise.

    1. The creation of the Church, the Pope.

    In the creation of the Church, begins with the true Apostolic line initiated by our Lord in the figure of St.Peter. But our Lord must have recognised that Peter was like himself mortal, and that this appointment could only be meant as a figurehead, a symbolic head, routed like our Lord in its humanity. For Christ himself recognised that unless he ascended unto the Father, the Holy Spirit could not operate as it were. And our Lord distinctly advised that the Holy Spirit would reveal more of the truth, about the Kingdom of heaven. The entire stature of the Roman Catholic Church and the figure of the Pope in the sight of Almighty God is that God meant it to represent the humanity of Christ.

    2. The creation of the Church, the Archbishop of Canterbury.

    Christendom holds an undeniable debt to the Bishop of Rome, for holding as it were the first incumbency of the Christian Church, and in particular to the initiative of Pope Gregory the Great, in bring Christendom to Britain. But the initiative of the Almighty to truly shape the Christian Church is not begun until the Reformation. In the creation of the Church of England and the Denominations, the Holy Spirit is refining the shape of the Church. The entire stature of the Protestant Faith and the figurehead of the Archbishop of Canterbury in the sight of Almighty God is that God meant it to represent the divine consciousness of Christ, expiated through the Church in this wise.

    In the Incarnation of our Lord, Christians believe that at the moment of his conception, Jesus is the Christ, the only Son of God, but because he was truly human, he could not fully realise who he was. Until his manhood when he begun his Ministry, did he fully realise who he was. Like wise, the Christian Church founded on St.Peter, in its infancy as it were, did not fully realise its stature until the Reformation and the founding of the Protestant Faith and in particular the creation of the Church of England.

    3 The creation of the State.

    In the creation of the State, the figurehead in which the Almighty distils all the achieved aspirations of society falls upon the Monarchy. The Crown is rightly the supreme head of State which reflects and represents the accumulative achievements of society. On the Continent of Europe Monarchs ruled as supreme heads of State, but the Church remained separate.

    The exception is England. At the Reformation the Church of England was founded and separation from Rome prevailed. But the Church of England is given a higher figurehead in the form of the Crown. The Monarchy in England then becomes the supreme head of both Church and State.

    In this the Almighty has completed successfully all the chief criteria of the Eden of Genesis in this wise. The single figure of Adam was entrusted with the safe custody of the entirety of Eden.

    The environment of Eden had two perspectives.
            1. To be of pleasure and delight to Adam and Eve.
            2. To be of pleasure and delight to Almighty God also.

10 This then is the final and true perspective of what the Almighty achieved in the creation of the entire fabric of Western Civilisation.

On the continent in both Church and State the Almighty acted in a spontaneous fashion, but in England the Lord God Almighty refined all his actions. To discern what is truly in the mind of the Almighty in this great course of action, once offered, we must look at England.
                                                               And this is the truth to be discerned.

To arrive at one single figurehead which encompasses all three, ie, the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Pope and Monarch of England, which reflects the single figure of Adam, ie the Custodian of Eden, the three figures represent the custodian of Western Civilisation.

                                                                All three can be one in this wise.

We need to firstly simply recognise and acknowledge that this course of action undertaking by Almighty God is now over, successfully completed at the first attempt, with its compatible likeness to the life of Christ. To God this completed course of action exists as a complete unit as it were. For God is both the Potentate of time and his Omnipotence and Omnipresent nature we believe enables his presence to be in all place at all time as it were.

But to mortals we can only appreciate this course action, as an accumulative unit. Parts of it happened here and other parts there etc. For example, in early times the Papacy was virtual Ruler, then later Monarchs reigned, then the Reformation enabled the Protestant faith to form with all its diverse churches and Denominations.

To access a very simple and weight of severity of this course of action, can be gained by borrowing these words from Scripture;

                                                 Moses my servant is dead.

11 This truth is compatible with the life of Christ, in this wise.

Applying the above analogy to the life of our Lord, to show that the course of action which the Almighty undertook has a compatible likeness to the life of Christ can be discerned and understood in this manner.

                      Here lies the supreme and most profound understanding to be grasped.

In the life of our Lord Jesus Christ, in all its completeness and wonder and that his earthly life is concluded as it were, we could therefore hear in our imagination as it were that God could say of his only begotten Son, to declare the complete success of his life, this;

                                                            Moses my servant is dead, meaning this.

Moses was the servant of God, to whom God made known his ways. In Christ Jesus God made known his ways and himself to all of humanity, for all its achieved purpose, ie to obtain mankind’s salvation, to understand the kingdom of heaven etc. Thus in a manner of speaking in Jesus Christ God has made known his ways to all humanity and that it is now all over, and thus ‘Moses my servant is dead.’ But the analogy continues;

                                                               Now arise and go over this Jordan

‘The Promised Land’ if we can apply the metaphor as to how it relates to Christ, can be simply gained as accessing his grace through being born again in the power of the Holy Spirit. This as it were gives us entry into the ‘Promised Land’ as it were, which in effect means living our lives in the realm of the kingdom of heaven, through Jesus Christ as personal Saviour. Although the earthly life of our Lord is over, the essence of who he is, because of the Resurrection he now lives in his eternal nature seated beside God the Father, and as Christians believe will return at his Second Coming. But until then, all of humanity can access his grace in the above Scriptural declared manner.

Thus this likeness in the life of our Lord can now be transported as it were to convey the compatible likeness of Western Civilisation, in this wise. All the benefits of Western Civilisation can now be accessed by everyone. And indeed no other civilisation has been adopted in part by so many other cultures, especially its technology, forms of government and transport systems etc. This the Almighty made accessible to all humanity outside as it were the Atonement of Jesus Christ, access was not dependant upon Christ, because it related to God’s Handiwork, which created the State. The Church restores God’s presence into this new environment, and must be accessed through Jesus Christ, as personal Saviour.

Before final access to the ‘Promised Land’ is to be accessed this summary needs to be understood.

1. The Archbishop of Canterbury
represents the entire Protestant Faith, which in God’s sight is equivalent to the divine consciousness or revealed nature of Christ, ie his divinity.
2.The Pope
in God’s sight is the equivalent to the humanity of Christ.
3.The Monarch of England in God’s sight is the equivalent to the first Custodian of Eden, Adam.

                      In God’s sight all three figures are one, equivalent to the first Custodian of Eden, Adam.

12 Entry into the Promised Land.

It was not given for Moses to enter the Promised Land, except to see it at a distance.
Entry into the Promised Land will be signalled by these measures.

1. The entire Protestant Faith, with its representative figurehead the Archbishop of
Canterbury be given back into the custody of the Roman Catholic Church, to signal
the marriage of the humanity of the Church, to the divine nature of the Church revealed through the Protestant Faith.

2. The Roman Catholic Church must then act with the will of a Protestant mind. This in effect will mean the conversion of the Catholic Church to the Protestant Faith. This is exactly like the humanity of Christ subject to his divinity.

                                      Not to do this in God’s sight, will be the equivalent of Christ acting in
                                disobedience to his revealed divine nature, which in effect would nullify
                                  the salvation of the sins of the whole world, or his entire life and purpose.

3. Hereditary Monarchy must now come to a close, to signal in acknowledgment
that the continuity of the creation of Western Civilisation by Almighty God has
now ended.

                                           Not to do this in God’s sight, will be the equivalent of ignoring
                                         the entire action which the Almighty undertook to create the entire
                                                                    fabric of Western Civilisation.

4. A future elected constitutional monarch to the English throne, may also be the
Supreme Governor of the Christian Church and Defender of the Christian Faith.
In this the first Custodian of the environment which the Almighty created on earth, in the Eden of Genesis, Adam, would be reinstated in the form of these three persons as one, Archbishop, Pope and Monarch.

                                                           The great prize to be won is in this wise.

The Promised Land will now open up 90% more evidence for the existence of Almighty God, and consequently 90% more access to a more complete relationship with the Almighty which is inclusive of every aspect which relates to our environment. Coupled with the traditional tangent of approaching the Almighty via the Christian Gospel, we can now expect to appreciate 100% accessible relationship with the Almighty. This reflects the compatible balance which was achieved in the Eden of Genesis.

The Christian Church in every tangent is in severe decline, if not terminal. To present the traditional approach to the Almighty restricted to the Christian Gospel via the Church to the modern 21st Century, where society sees little relevance in religion and the Christian faith, when there are ample signs to suggest that many are turning to replace ‘God’ in the form of human emotions and experience, which is essentially located in the secular world.

This whole new approach to a complete and satisfying life on earth which binds the Almighty in a really meaningful , comprehensive , complete and satisfying way, makes sense, because it presents a perspective which is inclusive of all of life. Furthermore to assign the Almighty as creator of the universe, and then as Saviour through his only Son Jesus Christ, and have only a general say in that God inspires good among humanity and his love and compassion are always at our behest, and yet have nothing definitive to say about the very foundations of our civilisation. When such figures in history, especially in the arts, which have such a potent influence and direct access to our lives, ie of Bach and Beethoven, Rembrandt, Milton, Wordsworth etc, which carry as it were 90% influence in our lives, and we add on just 10% to justify all else, cannot stand much longer.

For the past 2,000 years Christianity has been the major influence in Western Culture because of these two chief reasons. Firstly, the Almighty was taking the initiative to create the shape of the Christian Church, effectively by creating the entire fabric of the Protestant Faith. The Holy Spirit was showing how to go about securing the kingdom of heaven, by framing in human terms as it were, through the Denominations, as an outer garment and the inner garment of language, primarily through the Scriptures in native tongues, especially in England, the Authorised King James Version. The Liturgy made comprehensible and cogent, in the glorious Book of Common Prayer, to declare that Christians believed in the truths of Holy Scripture. But the Hymn Book, is the true record of the stature of Christianity, because it reflected what was truly realised via a personal relationship with the Almighty, transfigured across all the Denominations.

The Roman Catholic Church did not in truth produce a Hymn Book of equal stature, because it did not allow the Liturgy to become comprehensible to the people. By nature it acted in the strength of human resolve. Which is why Rome looks upon fixed truth in the Scriptures, and bases the infallibility of the Pope from this fixed perspective.

The true nature of the Protestant Faith, lives in the light of revealed truth which reflects the truths of Scripture. The Hymn Book is its greatest legacy and advocate. The Hymn Book is the running commentary on the stature of the Church which ran in concert with the development of the stature of Western Civilisation. The demise of the true ( traditional) hymn, acquaints itself with the Almighty letting go from his great handiwork, in creating the entire fabric of Western Civilisation.

Not to view the perspective as introduced by this website, in which an entire Tuition Course has been crafted to expiate, along with the Reformation 2 Passion Play, is rather like proclaiming the Christian Gospel as set in the middle of a dessert where all else is irrelevant and meaningless. But if as this website proposes, the entire Christian Gospel is set in the middle of an entire civilisation, then devotion to Christ would be multiplied by the weight of the glory of that civilisation, and Christ would reign truly supreme.

Not to make this link, would ignore 90% of accessible evidence for the existence of God in which he can now be presented as true and comprehensible God, which understands and has actually created the very foundations of the very institutions and technology by which every individual cannot do without. If we make this link, Christianity will have the sovereign voice in the entire modern world.

                                                        It is also the beginning of a Second Reformation.

                               Here ends the first lesson.

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