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A personal calling

Early in 1970, when I was a young man in my early 20’s I acknowledged a specific calling from God to focus on how the Book of Common Prayer may undergo a true reform, without altering a single word of its precious text.

From that initial step of faith and obedience, the Holy Spirit has increased the stature of that calling into the framework of Reformation 2, of which I have crafted an entire Tuition Course, called the Alpha & Omega fellowship EXCHANGE, which presents its ministry.

In the complete earthly life of the Lord Jesus Christ, his ministry is clearly an endorsement of his identity, and also his identity will reflect his ministry. The two are forged into one.

In the likeness of my Lord and Saviour, my ministry is also an endorsement of my identity, and my identity will reflect my ministry. The two are forged into one.

In that our Saviour found himself in the form of a man, he thought it not robbery to claim equality with God, that in him the fullness of the Godhead dwelt bodily, that he was both human and divine.

In that I am a man, born of my darling mother, in God’s sight, I think it not robbery to claim equality with the Figure reflected on the Homepage of this website, that in God’s sight I am the fullness of such a Figure bodily, that I am human, but with a divine calling.

For Christ to claim the fullness of his identity, it was necessary that he undergo the Crucifixion, and Christians view his Resurrection as the supreme test to accept who he was and why he came.

I neither seek nor claim any compatible event, which should be necessary to endorse my claims, except in this wise, which is similar to Christ’s.

Whatever a person my think of Jesus Christ, ultimately, Christians included, what they will allow of their own free will for Christ to have an effect on their lives, will be entirely dependant upon what they can comprehend about Christ, and engage in what he preached.

Essentially, Christ came to restore the broken relationship between God and all humanity, through his forgiveness. But to both comprehend this and apply this with effect in our lives, as Christ himself advises that except a person be born again, they will not see the Kingdom of God. This rebirth as every Christian will recognise will be occasioned through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

In the ministry that God has conferred upon me, I must accept has a similar likeness to our Lord in this sense. When a person truly understands what Christ is about, they will also recognise his identity. Likewise when people understand the ministry of Reformation 2, they will also understand the identity of the Figure and the criteria necessary to realise such a Figure. In conclusion it is necessary to very briefly sum up the ministry of Reformation 2.

In the Lord Jesus Christ, Almighty God presented his only Son to be crucified on the Cross for our redemption, that in this single course of action as it were, Christ successfully presented himself once offered, a full, perfect, and sufficient sacrifice, oblation, and satisfaction, for the sins of the whole world.

The ministry of Reformation 2 carries a similar likeness in this wise.

The Almighty once offered, in history, a full, perfect, and sufficient course of action to reinstate the chief criteria of the Eden of Genesis, lost at the Fall, which God fully implemented satisfactorily in the entire fabric of Western Civilisation, creating its very being, building up this course of action through history.

Its chief landmarks are these:

 1) The Enlightenment, to reinstate comprehension of how to subdue the environment and make it a place pleasant for   habitation. Thus effectively creating the foundations of Western Democracy, culture and civilisation.

 2) The Reformation; to restore his presence within this new environment through the creation of the Christian Church.

It is the conviction of Reformation 2 that this is the true and complete perspective, in which the Christian Church is framed. That in the figurehead of the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Pope, God has distilled as it were the fullness of his grace and love to all mankind through redemption in Jesus Christ alone.

To the figurehead of the Monarchy, God has distilled as it were the fullness of the loss of intelligence and comprehension to subdue the environment, which was first afforded to Adam, in the Eden of Genesis.

In a real sense, Western Civilisation is the new Eden, but not in any literal sense, only in that God had to work with sinful and disobedient humanity to restore the chief lost criteria of the Eden of Genesis.

This significance of all this, rests upon this perception, that Christianity now has the entire fabric of Western Civilisation, within the theological perspective introduced in this website, upon which to draw to determine the existence of Almighty God, and of his determined will to hold a relationship based upon the tangible real world in which we all must live.

This will expand the religious dimension, in which the Christian Church has as it were up till now in which to present a coherent case that the Almighty is also directly responsible for the beauty of the secular world, which people can comprehend readily.

This does not in any way usurp the significance of the Incarnation of the Lord Jesus Christ, of his Ministry, the Crucifixion, the Atonement or the Resurrection, or the Kingdom of God, but rather will elevate all this grace to a higher level, placing it alongside the secular world, giving to the entire Christian Church immeasurable resource to prevail in the 21st Century.

Thomas F. Darwood.

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