1 The Gift

In the person of Jesus of Nazareth, the carpenter of Galilee, God became flesh in human form. The full nature and character of God is realised in his being. He is both human and divine. All that he claimed as the only Son of God and all his other attributes are recorded in the Bible. He was a historical figure who really lived and died, recorded and witnessed by many people, of diverse stature, outside of Biblical references.

The Christian religion recognises this to be true, that the supreme message to gain from all this, rests in the conviction and certainty of Christ’s Resurrection which enables all of humanity to reunite with God’s love, through forgiveness in Jesus Christ.

But the ongoing personal and corporate relationship, (the Christian Church) is conducted under the supervision, as it were, of the Holy Spirit. This enables a living relationship to be occasioned across time and space, between God and all humanity.

Christ is still the centre of this relationship, but his presence is to be acknowledged as having ascended into heaven, where he now sits beside God the Father, until he returns to earth as Judge, at his Second Coming, as recorded in the Bible.

2 The Packaging

Reformation2 proposes this to be true, that God is not only responsible for the Gift but also The Packaging presented to all of humanity, wrapping it up as it were to make it attractive and presentable in three earthly institutions, represented by their appointed heads, the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Pope and the Monarchy.

3 The Original Gift and Packaging

The original place where God had his first and perfect relationship with humanity was in the Garden of Eden, as represented in the Book of Genesis, in the Bible. The need to believe in a physical Eden is not entirely necessary, provided the important criteria are kept, which may be presented as these.

1. God creates all the beauty of Eden himself.
2. He then creates Adam and Eve, representing all of humanity and endows
    them with intelligence and understanding to be custodians of Eden.

                                       This represents The Original Packaging.

3. The beauty of Eden with the happy relationship between God and Adam
caused God to make this his chosen place of abode on earth.

                                           This represents the Original Gift.

4 The Originals Lost

After the Fall, three very important things happened.

1. God expelled all of humanity into a very harsh environment, resembling a dessert.
2. God also took away from all humanity intelligence, preventing him from turning
    the dessert into a pleasant place resembling the garden of Eden.
3. God lost his chosen place of abode on earth also.

5 The Originals Restored

1 & 2. God restores intelligence and environment to all of humanity, via the creation of the entire fabric of Western Civilisation.

                             This restores the Original Packaging in the form of an entire Civilisation

3. God creates the Christian Church to restore his chosen place of abode on earth,

                             This restores the Original Gift, in the form of the entire Christian Church

6 This action in history

The Chronology

1. The Almighty creates the Universe and the Biblical Garden of Eden.
2. He chooses to gradually reveal his nature and character exclusively
to the people of Israel. This is recorded in the Old Testament.
3. He discloses his complete identity in the exclusive person of Jesus Christ.
This is recorded in the New Testament.
4. The action in history, primarily & exclusively 1600-1950 Western Europe.
5. Our present time.

7 The Details

6. Jesus Christ is the founder of the Christian Church.
7. He appoints the disciple Peter as its first figurehead.
8. The Roman Catholic Church is founded on this figurehead,
9. This ensures the true Apostolic line.
10. The Pope is the true appointed head of the Christian Church.
11. This equates with him as being Christ’s chosen representative on earth.
12. The Packaging restored in this manner.
13. At the Renaissance there is a huge explosion in every sphere of human aspiration, in the secular world.
14. This paved the way for the Age of the Enlightenment, which was the beginning of the founding of Western Civilisation.
15. The Gift restored in this manner.
16. At the Reformation there is a huge explosion of religious freedom which separated from the Roman Catholic Church.
17. This paved the way for the Protestant Faith, its many Denominations, especially the Church of England.

8 The Understanding in God’s sight

18. As pertains to the Roman Catholic Church.

The Bishop of Rome holds the true Apostolic line from St.Peter, initiated of Christ himself. The entire Roman Catholic Church equates in weight of glory TO THE HUMANITY OF CHRIST.

19. As pertains to the Protestant Faith.

The representative heads of the Protestant Faith equates in weight of glory TO THE DIVINITY OF CHRIST.

20. As pertains to the unity of the Christian Church.

The entire nature of the Roman Catholic Church is to look at the fixed truths of Scripture and act in the light of this strength. Its ultimate demonstration of this autocratic manner in the infallibility of the Pope.

The entire nature of the Protestant Faith is to look at the
revealed truths of Scripture, transfigured in the lives of the Christian, which created the Protestant Faith.

The Protestant Church is a new creation, in which a personal relationship with Christ is truly experienced through the guidance and inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

The infallibility of the Holy Spirit to the Protestant Faith is equal in weight of glory to the compatible infallibility of the Pope to the Roman Catholic Church.


Because this course of action which the Almighty undertook to restore his presence through the creation of the Church, the complete shape of the Church is now complete, with its representative human and divine nature.

The Christian Church must now look to Christ, to follow his example and act in obedience by subjecting his humanity to the revealed stature of his divinity.

To the Christian Church it means this. The entire Protestant Faith must have the courage, understanding and humility to acknowledge, that as God has effectively finished this course of action, so also this means that the Protestant Faith is also finished, ( as it were ) and that in God’s sight the Protestant Faith now becomes
fixed truth, equal in weight of glory, to the fixed truth of Scripture.

The Pope should now become the head of the entire Christian Church, but he must act with the will of a Protestant mind. For he being the true representative head of Christ on earth, must act in the likeness of Christ. Who to the will of God the Father, was obedient to his divine nature.

For the Pope to be obedient to the divine nature of the Church, in effect means to adopt all the character and experience of the Protestant Faith, especially of the Church of England.

In a true sense, the Protestant Faith, by default , becomes in the likeness of the Roman Catholic Church, (ie, to look back on itself, which was once revealed truth, but has now become fixed truth ) The Roman Catholic Church, by initiative and duty becomes in the likeness of the Protestant Faith, to act in the light of revealed truth.

The infallibility of the Pope, rests upon this integrity.

As pertains to the Throne of England.

In refining his action to restore the environment of the Eden of Genesis, the Almighty fashioned the entire character of England as the closest embodiment of Adam, the first Custodian of the environment in which the Almighty chose to reside.

The embodiment is to be discerned in the Monarch, which is both head of State and also head of the Church, as Supreme Governor of the Church of England.

But there is a further discernment to be made. In this course of action which the Almighty undertook, which effectively spanned 2,000 years, in which he held its entire continuity, which upheld the hereditary monarchy.

As explained more fully under THEOLOGY ref Homepage, this action is very likened to God making known his ways to his servant Moses. Making known his ways, in revealing and restoring to humanity intelligence and comprehension in how to restore the environment, that environment expanded to create the British Empire. The ending of the British Empire can be acknowledged in the words, ‘Moses my servant is dead.’

It was not given for Moses to enter the Promised Land, but the Almighty swore to his servant Moses, that the Promised Land would be filled with what he had first revealed to Moses.

The present Monarch, our gracious sovereign majesty Elizabeth the Queen, is arguably the single most dedicated person in the land, if not the entire world. Her regard for duty, is exemplary and unswerving.

The case needs to be made clear to Her Majesty, that in the light of these findings, the Crown is truly the last in line to the hereditary monarchy.

The sovereignty of the Crown resembles the very figure of Christ in this wise. Constitutionally, the Crown rules by the grace of God. The Crown is a figurehead in which the grace of God is poured over. The figurehead being any present Incumbent of the Throne, and the grace poured over the realm, benefiting its people and customs. That pouring of grace has come to a close as prescribed in this website. The one action which will carry the necessary stature must take the form of concluding the hereditary monarchy, and send a resounding message of hope to the British people, the Commonwealth and to the world that the Almighty has truly finished a unique course of action to benefit all of humanity.

This singular act of sacrifice, will be equal in weight of glory, to that of Christ acting in obedience to his revealed divine nature. To her Majesty, when many will think that the Monarchy may be over, presume. If this comes as duty, then it comes as duty performed in the finest manner.

                                                                        God save the Queen.

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