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The ministry of Reformation 2 is to inspire a new beginning after its great predecessor, to secure its continuity and forge a new perspective, that in God’s sight, a future Archbishop of Canterbury will also act as Pope and become the true heir to the throne of England, to complete the work begun at the Reformation and the Enlightenment, in which the Almighty in a single course of action restored all the lost criteria of the Eden of Genesis, satisfactorily reinstated in the entire fabric of Western Civilisation, creating its very existence.

                            The criteria to precipitate such a figure are introduced in this website.

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Note: This website was opened on Good Friday 2002. Upon the sad news of the departing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, the site was closed as a mark of respect to the Royal Family and a poem and some hymns remained as a dedication to the Queen Mother, all of which can now be accessed in ‘New Ark News’. This website now reopens without a word added or taken away, as it was on Good Friday, except for this addition on the Homepage.

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Christians recognise that service to God will be accompanied by signs in providence, which are instrumental in discerning the hand of the Almighty upon those works and their significance.

A pilot website called was initiated in 2000 for a period of one year, (part of which can be accessed in New Ark ) which was closed down, and renewed as on Good Friday 2002. This website was advertised in 5 Christian Newspapers appearing on the same date, and has continued since, the first three issues;

                                                       …A future Archbishop of Canterbury is also-


Upon the sad announcement from Buckingham Palace on Easter Saturday regarding the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, reformation2 closed down its website, until 20 April, after the official mourning period, with a poem and some hymns, as a dedication to this sad event. ( This can be accessed under New Ark )

The fourth insertion for Friday 19 April, in the 5 newspapers read;

                                                                   ‘Moses my servant is dead.’


This sign in providence is profound, for it signals the hand of the Almighty upon the entire integrity of the work of Reformation2. As prescribed on the Homepage of this website.

                              ‘Moses my servant is dead’
                                                The passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother
                                                                signals the end of this course of action

                           ‘now arise go over this Jordan’
                                                        The reign of Her Majesty Elizabeth the Queen
                                                              signals entry into the ‘Promised Land.’

Over the Easter weekend, at the sad announcement from Buckingham Palace, I had decided that I wanted to pay my respects to Her Majesty, the Queen Mother at the lying in State Westminster Hall, the following weekend. Unfortunately, my sister, who lived in Eastbourne had lost her cat and was very distressed, and driving down there from Southend where I live, took time, and after some kind postmen and neighbours helped find her cat, to all our relief. At length, on Monday 8 April I set off at about 11am to London to join the queue at Blackfriars Bridge among the thousands wanting to go to Westminster Hall, where Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother lay in State, and later I wrote to the Editor of the Daily Telegraph;

The Daily Telegraph 10 April 2002

Dear Sir,

Yesterday and the day before, I have with thousands of men, women and children, displayed our love for the monarchy and our nation in paying our last respects for the remarkable life of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother.

The sheer majesty and pageantry of the entire proceedings will live with me forever, and I am sure with the very down to earth people who came, many, including young mothers with their children, who gave me their warmth and friendship, and through the bitter night our shared common values were rewarded with both pride and thanksgiving.

It is true, that a year which began with muted celebrations of Her Majesty’s Golden Jubilee are now given a greater degree of focusing. We need however to distinguish a love of tradition, which was so profoundly and beautifully displayed, in the dignity of the visual pageantry, with its unmatched splendour, from becoming the centre of our focusing in itself. This would be very much like standing beside a fine monument etched in marble. A thing of beauty in itself.

The previous day, after queuing for five hours, I was fortunate to enter Westminster Hall precisely as the Royal Vigil begun. Such were the numbers, that I and many others were shoulder to shoulder as we entered the doorway. My head was arched upwards towards the mighty timber beams in their darkened vault. Whilst beneath the bright TV floodlights bathed the many faces in reflected glory, as it were, at the scene before them. After about ten minutes I gained about thirty feet into the centre of the Hall, when I finally came into visual sight of an awesome majesty. There stood motionless were the four figures at the catafalque.

It is hard to describe that these were all members of the Royal Family. The Heir to the Throne, Prince Charles stood closest to the position at the top of the grand staircase, in which I found myself descending very reverently. Such was the sheer majesty of the sight, that people in the centre of the Hall hardly moved, transfixed by the solemnity and beauty. The Police Officers were only able to usher people within a whisper who descended nearest the walls.

I also watched as the Vigil changed to the Yeomen of the Guard, I believe, and as Prince William, Prince Harry and the Princes Royal joined mourners descending from the right hand side of the staircase, within feet of myself. A young mother behind me could not help conducting a whispered commentary upon her young children; ‘Oh. this is history, isn’t this beautiful, poor Prince William, ooh I could just give him a hug,’ or words close to those sentiments.

Her Majesty has rightly invited people not only to mourn, but also be positive in continuing the legacy of tradition that her Mother stood for. It is this legacy I fear is in danger of being either etched in marble, such as an unmatched pageantry can result in, if it be not acquainted with a true continuity which is capable of adding to tradition, in which members of the Royal Family themselves displayed an active and coherent part in braking with protocol and an active part of the ceremonies.

If we are to mark the Queen’s Golden Jubilee and avoid just celebrations, then our institutions and the very way we think must undergo a transfiguration and reform which preserves the past not just in pomp and splendour but a real sense of renewal, then we become part of tradition and not mere onlookers.

The Church is a vital institution which can and must give a lead. Its most potent and credible voice lies in its Gospel message, once profoundly led and made coherent by the wondrous Authorised Version, the Book of Common Prayer and the Hymn Book. They reflected ‘tradition’ in the Church. The loss of these great pillars, has left the Church human size, and earthbound, without the great vault of space in which the Almighty can cast his stature among worshipers, symbolised not just in the great space and beauty of ancient churches and cathedrals but in its strength of worship.

Thirty years ago, I humbly acknowledged a personal calling of the Almighty, in which the Holy Spirit led me away from active Christian service at the time, into a long period of solitude, sacrifice and duty, in which my mind has focused upon this calling. To their findings I have initially presented and advertised in five Christian newspapers over this Easter weekend.

                                                        …A future Archbishop of Canterbury is also-


This statement is upon the Homepage of the website, first seen Good Friday;

The ministry of Reformation2 is to inspire such anew beginning after its great predecessor, to secure its continuity and forge a new perspective, that in God’s sight, a future Archbishop of Canterbury will also act as Pope and become the true heir to the throne of England, to complete the work begun at the Reformation and the Enlightenment, in which the Almighty restored al the lost criteria of the Eden of Genesis, satisfactorily reinstated in the entire fabric of Western Civilisation, creating its very existence.

                                  The criteria to precipitate such a figure are introduced in this website.

In ‘Soundbite’ another part of the website; ‘…that environment ( Western Civilisation) expanded to create the British Empire..’ The present Monarch, our gracious sovereign majesty Elizabeth the Queen, is arguably the single most dedicated person in the land, if not the entire world. Her regard for duty is exemplary and unswerving. The case needs to be made clear to Her majesty, that in the light of these findings, the Crown is truly the last in line to the hereditary monarchy.

If there is one clear and irrevocable conclusion that most people would come to as regards what the life and times of the late Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother truly represents, it is as one historian put it, ‘ This signals to the British peoples of the end of the British Empire.’ ( From an invited panel on BBC Newsnight 9 April)


The entire nation has paid just tribute to a great Monarch and lady, and many will keep muted views as to what it truly represented. In the same wise the people of Great Britain are equally unsure of what the Queen’s Golden Jubilee really amounts to. I beseech of you all to look clearly and carefully at what Reformation2 has to offer, which can be summed up by this perception.

                                                      Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother equates with;
                                                                      ‘Moses my servant is dead.’

                                                       Her Majesty Elizabeth the Queen equates with;
                                                       ‘…now therefore arise go over this Jordan.’

I conclude with this hymn from the Reformation 2 Hymn Book ‘Songs of Faith.’

34 And shall our age desire no more T.F.Darwood. 1946- Tune Jerusalem

( And did those feet in ancient times ) William Blake. 1757-1827

1. And shall our age desire no more
Where sits the lamb of God enthroned?
Who shall her ancient laws recite
Engraved in monuments atone?
Who shall abhor this long decay
Once filled with countenance divine
‘ve walked these pleasant pastures seen
In England’s bosom breathe once more.

2. Since all the glories of the past
Find in their charms removed in vain.
What mystic powers in their might
Long in our hopes remain concealed
Would all their joys in us prolong
Defend with all my life and praise
And build a new Jerusalem
Amid our nations now begin.

3. Fill thou my life with vision burn
Turn from this fading ember gold.
Raise forth the truth in language bold
Secure their memory with grace
And of their works, in words inflame
Arise to all my senses lived
To all delight in their return
Of Eden’s pleasures now employ!

Yours sincerely.

                                                Thomas. F. Darwood.

What meaning can be gained from all this?

The regenerated Hymn Jerusalem is a clear example of what Reformation 2 has to offer. This great and patriotic hymn is a perfect example of the tension that arises in many people’s minds as to what Great Britain’s past means. The young don’t understand, some are embarrassed, some mourn, others wish it left alone. It is hoped that the Reformation 2 version of this hymn can show how the great legacy of the past can aspire to a new re-formation in our age.

If we continue to sing William Blake’s original version, then yes to many it is still a wonderfully patriotic hymn of praise, and it can be argued that it is timeless. But there can nothing wrong in finding inspiration from this hymn to articulate what is happening in our age. And to apply the original as a kind of template to articulate how we feel about our times, can only exalt its stature and extend its power and glory, and in this manner engage in retaining the great traditions of the past and distilling them into our age, not just looking back into the past but taking those traditions, ( in this case through the medium of the hymn) into ours the present.

The example of this hymn in its perspective can be applied to every single aspect of our aspirations and national life in both the Church and the State, as Reformation 2 hopes to convey in future productions of this website and its publications.

The ministry of Reformation 2, thus far is the solitary work of one figure, who by providence found himself at precisely the right place at the right time, for an unique event, which only a few hundred were privileged to attend on that day amongst a host of thousands, and hundreds of thousands over the entire period of mourning.

To those whom are able so to discern and give thanks and worship, on Easter Saturday, divine providence furnished a stature to suit the stature of both the message and its messenger delivered in this website.

William Blake’s version equates with Moses my servant is dead

T.F.Darwood’s version equates with now therefore arise go over this Jordan.


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